August 22 | 2:00-5:00 PM PST

Join us for "ReWired for Abundance"; a transformative 3 hour virtual workshop tailored for the entrepreneurial minded individual! With a foundation rooted in biblical principles and neuroscience, this workshop is designed to help you to begin rewiring your barriers to success so that you can create abundance and lasting success

1. Rewire Your Daily Habits for Success: learn how to create your ideal summer while optimizing your abundant work flow and eliminating burnout. *PLUS, take away effective marketing strategies designed exclusively for the summer months!

2. Rewire Your Abundance Set Point: engage with neuroscience-based strategies, explore your relationship with money & discover how emotional intelligence effects our finances.

3. Rewire Your Self-Worth and Identity: explore the concept of idolatry in your work, recognize your past and present "comparison traps" and why success becomes stagnant. Clarify your unique calling and work from a place of REST.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to restyle and rewire your approach to business and abundance!

What makes this event different?

We leave out the “hype” and give you timeless frameworks that you can use in any phase of your life.

We create a safe environment for you to LEARN and NETWORK with other servant leaders and entrepreneurs who are driven to succeed in a healthy way, and who are passionate about seeing you succeed too!

This is a new and powerful workshop that in just a few hours will give you foundational concepts that you can put to use immediately and begin to break past the invisible barriers that have kept you stuck for too long!

We focus on content that will bring you REAL and LASTING RESULTS.

AND guess what?? You won’t purchase ANYTHING during this event. Yup, no sales will be done during this workshop!

This is a free, heart-centered workshop that will be the kickstart to a total transformation to your success, fulfillment and abundance!

What Others Are Saying

"Jodi has mentored me for many, many years and I can’t recommend her enough She’s a rare gem in that she truly sees you and actually wants to help you grow. Her Christ-centered priorities and perspectives are refreshing and have been extremely encouraging for me! You definitely won’t regret having her by your side!"

-Brianna R.

"I have worked with Jodi on a number of business matters over the last 7 years. My growth and development journey has skyrocketed ever since I started working with her. I have gone from a place of despair to success in my business, personal and spiritual parts of my life.

Her intuitive approach to coaching has helped me to level up. She supports me where I’m at, no matter what stage of growth and development I’m in. This has helped me shift my perspective on many things, but the shift in my relationship with money and professional life has been the most positively impactful. I have been part of The Warrior Collective from day one and I couldn’t rave enough about Jodi."

-Diego R

A little about me...

After experiencing burnout several times in my adult life, I finally got to the root of why this happens, how to heal from it and also prevent it from happening again. It became my hearts desire to help others discover where their true worth and identity comes from, at the SOUL level. and clarify their unique calling.

I have personally mentored/coached entrepreneurs for 17 years all at various stages in their journey, and the one thing they all seem to have in common is a desire to reach their potential without losing themselves or sacrificing their values in order to succeed. In today’s world, it can feel like we have to be everything to everyone all the time, and it often times feel like we aren’t able to do anything really well at all.

“To whom much is given, much is expected” is a biblical principal I take to heart when mentoring others. God has blessed me with a second shot at life when I survived a medical trauma in 2017, and He restored my marriage. I know that my purpose is to help others see who they are as a child of God and learn to live, and work, from a place of divine abundance and rest.